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Things I Use

This is a bit of a toolbox where I share things that I use and find helpful. 

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Here are some things I use and find helpful

I first heard about Channillo on twitter back in 2016 but have only recently started using it it. 

Channillo is a digital publishing platform for serialized literature including fiction books, short stories, essays, columns, journal entries, & poetry. Since our launch in 2015, hundreds of writers from around the world have joined Channillo to publish their work. Purchasing a Channillo  allows readers to subscribe to as many different series as they wish. Writers are paid based on the number of subscribers to their series. (found on their FAQ page here)

Personally I have lacked the motivation to sit down and write a full length book, so I'm using the promise of weekly updates on my series White Stag Trials to force myself into consistent writing. I'm not counting on the site to bring me fortune and fame, however I am hoping it gives me to drive to do this story justice.

Unsplash is a fantastic site to find free, high quality stock images. I use them for these gorgeous image banners you see here on my website. Their website is easy to use and has a huge range of quality stock images - for free. Pretty great right?